A20-M-S2-C●(A20MS2C)●(SUS304,Bress,PVC)●2way Proportional eletric actuator ball valve●electric auto control water system●서보엑츄레다볼밸브●써보엑츄레다볼밸브●써보밸브●서보볼밸브●유량조절밸브●(10bar,3Nm,IP67)●(G1/4~G1)●(TON,RFS,DME)

A20-M-S2-C 카탈로그

A20-M-S2-C Diagram

●(SUS304, input=4~20mA /out put=4~20mA) 

Proportional Electric Actuator  Ball Valve

(contro signal=4~20mA ) (out put=4~20mA) (5wire, 1.5m) 

(seat=PTFE) (stem=FKM) (body=SUS304) 

(Working current=≤500mA) (Voltage=DC12-24V )

(Life Time=70000 times) (open/close time=7 sec) 

(working pressure =10bar)

(with open/close Indicator) (max torque force=3 Nm)

(Circulation Medium=Fluid, Air) (Protection class =IP67)

● A20-M8-S2-C (G 1/4  Female) (csq5050)

● A20-M10-S2-C (G 3/8  Female) (csq5049)

● A20-M15-S2-C (G 1/2  Female) (csq5043)

● A20-M20-S2-C (G 3/4  Female) (csq5044)

● A20-M25-S2-C (G 1  Female) (csq5045)

●(bress, input=4~20mA /out put=4~20mA ) 

Proportional Electric Actuator  Ball Valve

● A20-M8-(bress)-C-(G 1/4  Female) (csq5052)

● A20-M10-(bress)-C (G 3/8  Female) (csq5051)

● A20-M15-(bress)-C (G 1/2  Female) (csq5046)

● A20-M20-(bress)-C (G 3/4  Female) (csq5047)

● A20-M25-(bress)-C (G 1  Female) (csq5048)

●(SUS304,input=0~10V /out put=0~10V) 

Proportional Electric Actuator  Ball Valve

(contro signal=0~10V )  (out put=0~10V) (5wire, 1.5m) 

(seat=PTFE) (stem=FKM) (body=SUS304) 

(Working current=≤500mA) (Life Time=70000 times)

(Voltage=DC12-24V ) (working pressure =10bar)

(with open/close Indicator) (max torque force=3Nm)

(Circulation Medium=Fluid, Air) (Protection class =IP67)

● A20-M8-S2-C (G 1/4  Female) 

● A20-M15-S2-C (G 1/2  Female) 

● A20-M20-S2-C (G 3/4  Female) 

● A20-M25-S2-C (G 1  Female) 

●Technical Parameters 

●Voltage ( AC/DC12-24V )

●working pressure =10bar

●control signal=4-20mA ,0-5V, 0-10V (Optional )

●Product Size ( 1/4"  3/8"  1/2"  3/4''  1"  1 1/4"  NPT/BSP) 

●Working current (≤500mA)

●Circulation Medium (Fluid, Air) 

●Valve Body Material (Stainless steel 304)

● Life Time ( 70000 times) 

●Design Features 

●All-copper gear design, high accuracy output torque, especially  for multi-channel scaling system. 

●Small size, compact structure. 

●A variety of control methods, either to accept remote valve                position control signal,but also the feedback signal in place for            computer intelligence unit testing. 

●Good sealing performance 

●서보볼밸브●서보밸브 ●써보볼밸브●써보밸브●전자식 볼 밸브●전자식밸브 

●프로페셔날밸브●프로페셔날 볼밸브●전자식 유량조절 볼 밸브 



●오토매틱유량조절밸브●외부 신호 입력으로 유량조절밸브●써보콘트롤밸브

●기계적 또는 전기적 입력 신호에 의해서 압력 또는 유량을 제어하는 밸브.