USR-B●USR●SUS316 stainless steel regulator●SUS316 스테인레스 스틸 레귤레이터●SUS316 스텐 레귤레이터●(0.5~12bar)(12~30bar)●(G1/4~G1)●(SHA,DME)
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USR 카탈로그

●SUS316, stainless steel regulator (Media=air) 

●USR-B-02 (pressure=0.5~12kgf/cm²) (G1/4" F)

●USR-B-03 (pressure=0.5~12kgf/cm²) (G3/8" F) 

●USR-B-04 (pressure=0.5~12kgf/cm²) (G1/2" F) (MAD0519)

■USR-B-06 (pressure=0.5~12kgf/cm²) (G3/4" F) 

■USR-B-08  (pressure=0.5~12kgf/cm²) (G 1" F) (MAD0520)

●SUS316, stainless steel high pressure regulator (Media=air)

●USR-02 (pressure=12~30kgf/cm²) (G1/4" F)

●USR-03 (pressure=12~30kgf/cm²) (G3/8" F) 

●USR-04 (pressure=12~30kgf/cm²) (G1/2" F) (MAD0522)

■USR-06 (pressure=12~28kgf/cm²) (G3/4" F) 

■USR-08 (pressure=12~28kgf/cm²) (G 1" F) (MAD0521)


● For high pressure use; corrosion and chemical resistance.

● Good performance for outdoor facility.

● Suitable for semi-conductor industry.

● The product effectively removes water and particle.

● Strict quality control

● 고압,부식 및 내화학성

● 옥외 시설에 대한 좋은 성능

● 반도체산업에도 적합

● 제품은 물과 입자를 효과적으로 제거

● 엄격한 품질 관리