30VM●37VM●39VM●고압콤프레샤●고압컴프레샤●고압콤푸레샤●고압컴푸레샤●고압콤프레서●호리젠탈 고압에어 콤프레서●high pressure Air compressors●Horizontal single set●(0.35N㎥ /min~0.8N㎥ /min)●(35bar~70bar)●DME
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  VM series 카탈로그

●high pressure  Air compressors (Horizontal single set)

●30VM-0735 (csq5214)

(Air Flow-0.35N㎥ /min , Pressure-3.5Mpa, Power-7.5KW)

● 37VM-0750 (csq5217)

(Air Flow-0.40N㎥ /min , Pressure-5.0Mpa, Power-7.5KW)

● 37VM-0970

(Air Flow-0.40N㎥ /min , Pressure-7.0Mpa, Power-9.0KW)

● 39VM-0940

(Air Flow-0.60N㎥ /min , Pressure-4.0Mpa, Power-9.0KW)

● 39VM-1140

(Air Flow-0.8N㎥ /min , Pressure-4.0Mpa, Power-11.0KW)


● The valve assembly adopts the "hexagonal cylindrical straight flow valve" component independently developed by Shangair and the new technology of "reed valve valve disc break prevention", which effectively extends the service life of the valve disc.

●  High efficiency, low energy consumption.

●  High reliability, safe operation 24 hours a day.

●  Adopt the muffler filter independently developed and designed by Shangair, with low noise and anti-pollution.

●  Low discharging  temperature.

● The new dynamic balance design makes the vibration intensity drop significantly.

● Low oil consumption.

● The piston ring adopts a single casting chrome plated ring, and the service life is significantly improved.

● The units are air-cooling, reducing installation costs.

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