AFM-8A●LCD High Performance Power Analyzer(Panel type, 자동 주파수 제어)●(판넬타입)다기능전력계●(판넬타입)다기능 전력량 파워미터●다기능파워 전력분석기●다기능 파워 분석기●다기능전력분석기●저전압감시전력계●전력감시계●전력모니트링●배전반●수전반●(4MB)●(0.2S)●(ADTEK)
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CMET (as UL) on-going

●(Panel Mounting) (3.5"TFT LCD color) 

High Performance Power Analyzer (자동 주파수 제어) 


●AFM-8A  High Performance Power Analyzer (자동 주파수 제어) 


AFM-8A has Developed for AFC*(Auto Frequency Control) high performance measurement and frequency update, its update up quicker than 100mSec. multifunction power analyzer provides high-accuracy measurement and is designed for single phase and three phase application. It includes 4 Digital inputs, 4 Relay outputs, and a RS-485 Modbus RTU Communication port. The user can choose one more communication port, and 2 Analog outputs for output expansion.

It provides measure voltage and current of the 2~63 harmonic, and it shows CO2 emissions, which is suitable for power monitoring, management and analyze power quality. It has TOU (time-of-use) function and 4MB Flash memory capacity, allowing users to record data for a long time. It also has a software line adjustment function to reduce the on-site line adjustment work.


*Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) frequency modulation service is one of the emerging technologies, because the energy storage system has the characteristics of rapid charging and discharging, through the active adjustment of the charging and discharging action to adjust the frequency of the power system, it can help maintain the frequency drift caused by load fluctuations, which is very suitable as a system stability response scheme under the high proportion of renewable energy.



■ High Accuracy: 0.2S

■ Ethernet communication (Modbus TCP/IP)

■ Swell / Sag

■ Waveform Capture

■ 3.5'' TFT LCD Full color screen



■ Automatic frequency control

■ Swell and sag detection record

■ Power abnormal event record

■ Waveform capture and recording